Bloggers of the Month

The end of the month and I have another lot of bloggers that you should check out!

Is she not amazing! I love this girls style so much, I'm pretty sure lots of you ladies will have visited her blog before but for those that haven't check her out here! She definitely knows how to rock a pair of creepers and she has lots of gorgeous vintage goodies. 

I'm new to this lovely ladies blog, but I followed the first time I saw it! She has a wonderful sense of style, and I want to steal these boots!

How incredible is this girl! I came across her blog only the other day, and I love her style. How amazing are these ankle cuffs? Well I'll stop waffling about how amazing she looks and just suggest you go check out her blog!

Chelsea Jade


  1. Loves Megs style, been a follower of hers for a while!

  2. I love these posts you make! Thrilled to discover new blogs every time :)


  3. I love these types of posts, your always the best at finding the best blogs! Going to follow them all!

  4. So glad you did this post!!
    Helps me find amazing blogs to follow!
    S xx

  5. Ooh i love when you do these posts!
    The girls look great, can't wait to follow them! x

  6. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous girls! I love Emily she is so adorable! XX

  7. Thank you for sharing- I'll definitely be checking their blogs out! You have a good eye! xxx

  8. I love Emily and Meg, been following their blogs for a while and just discovered fashapple earlier today. I've never visited Monster Diaries before, but judging by your great taste in blogs and these pictures I will love her too :) xx


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