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Shirt - Oasap, Skirt - Oh My Love, Plimsols  - H&M, Sunglasses - ASOS

How beautiful is this shirt! I love the contrasting sleeves but the pop of orange meant that it had to be mine, luckily its still in stock you can find it here. I thought that I would go ahead and try to mix some of my prints and I ended up rather liking the outcome. These sunglasses haven't been featured since my China posts as I tend not to wear them so much, not at all because I don't like them. Quite the opposite, I adore them and I'm terrified every time I wear them that I may break them, so I think maybe I should purchase these babies once more just incase!

I also wanted to share some photos of an event that happened in Nottingham this weekend, some of you have have saw some photos on Instagram.

is an  independent shop in Hockley, Nottingham it sells graffiti products and clothing from brand such as Alife. It's run by a graffiti enthusiast Dilk, he supports the atrists in Nottingham and you can check out his blog here. The owners organise the event every year and this year each of the shops on the street and surrounding areas had an artist produce a piece of work on their window.

Here are a few shots of the shop windows:

Chelsea Jade


  1. That shirt is amazing, LOVE this outfit! You look lovely! The shops also look amazing, really love the windows, so cool! xx

  2. Looking gorgeous, as ever! I love the unique contrast and combination of different prints; and the shop windows look awesome xxx

  3. Absolutely beautiful shirt! I love clashing prints!x

  4. prrrrrint mixxxx! looks great on you, and your shirt is WILD!

  5. I love print-on-print. Since you wore two prints in the same color family the look is funky but polished, not distracting. Beautiful!

    Elle Michele

  6. Absolutely love the blouse!!
    Especially the red detailing
    S xx

  7. this outfit is amaze balls!! great post love! following you now! i have a new post up if you'd like to take a look, thanks.

  8. The shirt is amazing. :)

  9. great mix of prints! love it! xx

  10. love the different prints, looks awesome.

    J x


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