I'm a huge fan of sunglasses so I thought I would share some, just some otherwise we will be here all day! For those of you sitting reading this wondering why on earth you would want to see my sunglasses collection, I understand... find my previous post with my prints on prints look. Otherwise click read more to find out where my glasses are from.

Alexander Wang Dupes - eBay last year (Similar here)

 Miss Selfridge - 3 years ago!
They have served me well so check out their current sunglasses collection

Primark - £1
Perfect to throw in your handbag for the unpredictable English weather.

Asos - £15
I purchased these for my trip to China but didn't try them on until I got there and they are too small! So if you would like to buy the off me let me know :)

Novelty Apples - H&M
I got these purely because I love anything Snow White related!

Asos - £14  (Find them here)
These are a little oversized for round glasses, I live in these. Very tempted to get a second pair incase I sit on them!

 River Island - £5 (sale)
Super oversized sunglasses purchased in the latest sale so its worth a browse in store!

Hologram Glasses - China (Market Stall)

Do you guys have a favourite pair of sunglasses? And do you guys like highstreet buys or do you lovelies have a designer pair?

Chelsea Jade

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  1. Can never have too many pairs of sunglasses!

  2. ooh your sunglasses are amazing!
    i love how some are simple & casual, then some are unique and fun! :D

  3. love them oversized round ones from ASOS.. good find! thanks :)

    Sharna x

  4. You have the most amazing sunglasses collection! I'm such a sunglasses obssessee, can never have too many pairs! xx

  5. Awesome collection! I love sunglasses but once I get my prescription ones that'll be my only pair. Damn my non perfect vision!

  6. I LOVE the Alexander Wang inspired glasses! I bought some aviator glasses from Guess today (I love aviator glasses at the moment) but I really want some round ones. My friend Sarah ( has the most amazing round glasses that look very retro-y! :) x

  7. cute sunglasses! I only have a pair, sadly. Lucky you! xx

  8. I bloddy love those alexander wang dupes!!
    Such a great collection you've got too!
    You are so lucky you can pull off sunglasses I just look like I have a pea head! I even invested in some raybans which are meant to suit everyone - I still look like a tit!

  9. Great sunglasses! :)
    I love the first pair. ;D

  10. great collection. love the red apple sunglasses! sunglasses can really finish off a look, so it's nice with a bit to choose from. i prefer designer sunglasses though, purely because of the quality of their lenses. i have a pair of asos sunnies that look great on me, but they're horrible to look through. now my marc jacobs sunnies.. ah. 20/20 vision.


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