Birthday Wishlist

So guys I'm going to be 21 on September 8th! How scary I will no longer be twenteen, clinging on to my teen years here. I thought I would do a post on some goodies I'd love as presents or I'd love to buy with birthday money. Of course Miss Selfridge is first because I love that place!

Miss Selfridge

Animal Crop, Neon Twist Cardi, Floral Leggings, Geo Peplum, Initial Bracelet, YinYang Rings, Geo Crop, Floral Kimono

I adore the new pieces from Miss Sefridge, I think I need the peplum and kimono the most! Well not neet just totally in love with these two so I think these are the top of my list!


I adore these tapestry boots! They are amazing!

River Island

 Fluffy Shorts, Floral Knicker Shorts, Leopard Shorts, Velvet Shorts
Floral Midi, Velvet Trousers, Chelsea Girl Jumper, Crochet Dress, Black Crochet Skirt

River Island I can't decide which piece I love more. Good bye student loan hello River Island goodies!

I'm going to leave this here for now as it's my birthday Saturday and you can see what I actually get instead of my wishlists!

Chelsea Jade


  1. my best friend just bought that cat bag in beige, its gorgeous! I love those green platform boots! xx

    1. that friend being Charlotte :)

  2. I bet your excited for your birthday, I love presents ! I'm after those asos tapestry boots too, they remind me of the ablaze tapestry just more ankle friendly ! xx

  3. Omg I love everything from river island - especially that floral pencil skirt, it's beaut. Loving your asos hat picks too! Hope you have the most amazing birthday :D 21 is such a fun age! xxx

  4. great items!

  5. Happy early birthday!!! Cute crop top! I hope you get everything on your wishlist! PS. I'd love it if you could come visit my blog and follow me if you like it!! :)

    -Stephanie :)


  6. I like the tapestry flatforms too i saw them a few days ago and put them in my save for later list ^_^

  7. Your blog's sooo lovely! :))


  8. Thank you for visiting my blog :) You've got some amazing finds in this wish list. Only 3 days till your birthday too.. happy birthday for when it comes!


  9. Great wish list ;)
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    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  10. I'm loving all these velvet goodies on this post! eeek! xx

  11. I adore so much that's on your list. Gotta say that yin&yang ring is sticking in my mind..


  12. Ohhh I've just fallen in love with those green platforms! They're just so beautiful!
    Don't worry about turning 21... I'm 22 and still most definitely don't feel like a grown up. At all.
    Kaz x

  13. all these items are GREAT,i want them all! especially those platform shoes! *___* about to go check them out on ASOS!


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