Halloween Make-Up Inspiration

So ladies it's that time of the year, and of course most of us are flapping about wondering what we're going to wear! Don't fret my ladies, we have a skill which alot of males wont have, so get out your make-up bags. Your make- up can be a very cheap version of your halloween outfit, if your face looks fab, all you have to do is splatter some fake blood on some old clothes. Sorted.
I have been looking though Youtube videos for some tutorials, perfect for your night out. They range in difficulty and effort so I'm sure you'll find something:

Creepy Doll
This is a really easy tutorial, I've tried this out - minus the scars, some of you may have spotted it on Instagram.
Find the video here.

Gaga's Born This Way

More time consuming but totally worth it! I've not tried this out but I'd love to have a go.
Find the video here.

Pop Art Comic Girl

 I've tried this, it's a little time consuming but looks amazing! Don't use a pencil a liquid liner is so much better.
Find the video here

 Rag Doll

This is super simple and wont take long at all!
Find the video here.

Zombie Bride

These last two videos are by the same girl, and she has lots more on her channel which you can find here.

I'd love to see your photos! Or share your favourite tutorials below

Chelsea Jade


  1. The first one is really impressive !


  2. they all look too amazing! and real... xx


  3. the creepy doll is so cooool!!!



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