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So the sales are one of my favourite parts of Christmas, as it is tradition that me and my older sister spend boxing day browsing the sales and picking up goodies with our Christmas money/vouchers. So after almost 10 years of sale shopping, on boxing day I thought I would give a few tips for the perfect shop:

Tip 1
Make a list if things that you are really lusting after before Christmas. Then cross off the goodies you get and voila you have your sale shopping list! This doesn't have to take forever, I'm sure most of you have a note app on your phone - which is perfectly handy for your sale shopping.

Tip 2 
 Visit some highstreet shops this week pick up any top, skirt, shorts/trousers to take straight to the changing room. Now you should know your dress size in the shops you want to visit, nobody wants to queue for the changing rooms for half an hour to then queue to the till in every shop!

Tip 3 
If your having a dilemma deciding to buy it! Just keep the reciepts and you can make an early morning trip to return any unwanted goods before the crowds return. *Beware* ladies you run the risk of coming home with more than you need, be smart!

Tip 4 
You will need to visit the changing room at some point or try something on in a cheeky don't layer up! Ideally wear your comfy clothes that are easy to strip off! Tights are good as you will probably be trying on skirts and dresses.

Tip 5
Stay calm and keep an eye on your belongings - it can get busy and stressful and the last thing you need is to get to the till minus your purse!

Let eveyone know any more tips you have by commenting below!

Chelsea Jade


  1. I absolutely love sale and I am going shopping in sale tomorrow so these tips come in very handy! xx Laura

  2. great tips ;) I sign up online to my favourite shops because some retailers give you a sneak peak before a sale, like motel did last week! I'm also a bit of a ruthless shopper, I'll push anyone out the way to grab the last size 10 :')

  3. That note app is so useful, I'm the most forgetful person ever! Great tips x

  4. Amazing tips!!
    Thank you
    S xx

  5. Great tips! I'm usually the master of online January sale shopping, I'm not a fan of the huge crowds and clothes everywhere! xx

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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