Graduation Outfit

Shoes now sold out

So after filming this little video to show what I'm wearing for my Graduation ceremony, I wanted to take a look at some other dresses due to a few people asking or being unsure what to wear. So if I didn't already have my outfit below are some of the choices I may have made. It is also perfect timing with the summer sales starting too, as a few of the items I've selected have been reduced since planning this post!



I'm sure there are plenty more places to look for the perfect dress and shoes, I'd checkout Topshop, Miss Selfridge etc as there are sales on at the moment, and ASOS for easy delivery and returns :)

Have you third years got your outfit all sorted for your graduation yet?

Chelsea Jade


  1. great post! i've been really struggling to decide what to wear for my graduation..

  2. Love this video! I need to plan my graduation outfit as well. Definitely agree with dressing non traditional :)
    Amy x

  3. love the dark blue dress, it´s gorgeous! :D

  4. Oh my god definitely in love with your outfit!
    Very different and gorgeous
    S xx

  5. Also congrats on your 2:1!!
    S xx

  6. Congratulations on the 2:1 ! I love your outfit. If I went to my graduation I would have gone fir the more fun look. The shoes you're wearing are AMAZING!
    I'm getting really into watching videos as of late so can't wait for your haul


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