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Hey ladies,
I have been meaning to post about the phone skin I was kindly sent by Caseapp! I was contacted by Caseapp asking if I wanted to review their custom iPhone cases, sadly I don't have one so I was told I could order a custom skin for my phone. I took such a long time deciding which image to get on my phone that I didn't end up making an order for over a month, eek! Anyway I chose Snow White, my favourite Disney character:

The sticker is thick, easy to apply and leaves no residue as stated but I have to say I was a little dissapointed with the seperate pieces of sticker for the sides covering just some of the silver section.Though I guess you could always leave these off when applying the sticker!

I'm not going to lie ladies I probably wouldn't spend £12 on a sticker due to the uncovered sections, if you do want one just keep in  mind the colour of the sticker in contrast to your phone colour! I would however be interested in the cases as they now do them for the Samsung S3 and have seen some better reviews from other bloggers. Take a look at the case section here and have a play around with a few images :) One other plus is that shipping is free, and we all love abit of free shipping!

Have any of you tried out Caseapp?

Chelsea Jade


  1. I love the image you chose! So so pretty, but then again Disney is always winner in my eyes! No matter which form it takes! xxx

  2. This looks fabulous, disney is the best, forever loving snowwhite! xx

  3. The Snow White background is lovely! :)

  4. This is so cute!!
    S xx


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