ghd - Final Shine Spray Review

During my exams I received an e-mail from a company to see if I would like to review a ghd hair product, I thought I don't often do beauty posts and it may be nice to start doing some! So ghd kindly sent me this 'Final Shine Spray' which I have used for just over a week now. 

The product does what it says on the box, it added a nice shine to my hair kind of like after you’ve had your hair styled at the hairdressers. I checked out the page for the product in more detail after using it and read that you can also try spraying it on your hairbrush for extra shine which I will be trying out in the future and I will add a note to below if I think it made a difference. It isn’t a heavy product so it doesn’t affect your hair style by hardening like a strong hold hair spray or anything so it doesn’t matter if you get a little spray happy with it! The light fragrance isn’t overwhelming like some other products I have used so don’t worry about that but then again I think the smell of a product is quite subjective so you’ll have to be the judge of that one. 

The product is a good size as it will probably fit in your handbag if you want to add some shine after work before you got for drinks or something, perfect. I've been using it for a week now and haven't really noticed it going down in terms of how much is left so it seems like pretty good value at £9.95. You can check out all of the range here, I'm pretty tempted to try out the 'Root Lift Spray'.  Plus you can check out the ghd website for some tips and tutorials on  creating a few hair styles if you fancy taking a look. 

Chelsea Jade


  1. definitely think i might get this
    I really dislike my hair sometimes and this might just help me out
    S xx


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