All dressed up and no where to go.

Dress  c/o Chi Chi, Shoes - Next
excuse my veiny feet, I'm that pale I think my skin may be slight translucent - hot stuff.

 Oh ladies how stunning is this dress by Chi Chi clothing, they sent me this baby and as soon as I got it out the packaging I tried it on and instantly felt a little like Ariel. I adore the colour, though I maybe bias as I love green in general, it is also perfect for my tiny chest as it has its own padding so could be worn without a bra. I don't currently have an event to go to where this would be suitable, I have however sat for a few hours in the house with this baby on - looking crazy probably. I would have loved a dress like this for prom at school or something, anyway I am waffling you can check out more dresses from Chi Chi Clothing here :)

For those of you that follow me on Instagram/Twitter may have noticed a few posts already but I am now officially living in London! Yay. I'm pretty happy to be here and am excited to meet some more bloggers this year now that I can actually attend events. 

I am off to get some more unpacking done now, I may share some of my new room with you if you'd be interested.

Chelsea Jade


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous!!
    S xx

  2. Yay London! And yes please to room pics

  3. (Oh also, my friend had pale feet and she used to put foundation on them when we went out. Haha)

  4. That's dress is so cute and looks really great on!

  5. you look like a Fairy ! Very nice Dress <3

  6. Wow!! You've moved to London?! Massive congrats.. Love that you were just sitting about the house in this dress. When it's as pretty as this it's got to be worn though.



  7. Eeep, it's so beautiful! I totally have veiny feet too, pale girl problems. It looks like it fits perfectly, yum. <3

    Tara xo

  8. dunno what I love more the shoes or dress! :)

  9. Look perfect, adorable.
    I am delighted with your blog, I visit whenever
    visit my blogger?


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