Bodycon Two Piece

Two Piece - Karma Clothing*, Headpiece - Little Teacup, Shoes - ASOS
excuse my super flashed out face, I didn't realise until I uploaded - blogger problems

Everyone loves a two piece don't they, this one was sent to me by Karma Clothing and I am pretty impressed with the quality to say its only £19.99. We don't have any thin / see through fabric problems with this set which I must admit I was quite anxious about but Karma Clothing have delivered! The length of the skirt is perfect as I am tall and tend to have issues with skirt length. I thought I would share an outfit post of something would typically wear on a night out, (probably with the addition of a jacket in this weather!) as it's something a little different.

My heachain is from my wee jewellery store which I'm sure a lot of my reader have heard me mention, but I make a small range of head chains which you can find here. The shoes are now sold out at ASOS but they have a very similar pair which you can find here or a pair in tartan that are rather beautiful!

Also I am off to London Fashion Weekend tomorrow so let me know if any of you are around :)

Chelsea Jade


  1. You look stunning Chelsea! That two piece looks amazing on you! x

  2. Love this two piece - they're so much easier to wear when you're struggling on pairing a top/bottom with something! Love your headpiece xx

    Lucy Cole | A UK Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog

  3. Twosie love!! Those shoes are also really cute :)

    Tara xo

  4. You look gorgeous as always, I love that head chain ♥

  5. LOVE your two piece x

  6. love this two piece, it looks gorgeous on you! x


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