LFW Day 2 - Bernard Chandran and Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days

Bernard Chandran

(Image Credit - Fashion Scout - Photographer Oscar Scar)

I was rather excited for the Bernard Chandran show having covered his show last season, our attention was grabbed right from the beginning with banging drums and loud crashing symbols. Chandran was clearly inspired by menswear with this collection but managed to create feminine silhouettes. Harsher structured pieces were softened with a touch of femininity with a peplum. Many of the pieces had an oriental feel with high necks and wide sleeves like a kimono, which contrasted with more modern pieces which had risque clear perspex style cut out sections. There were also metallic pieces which I loved but sadly can't find images of. Overall I was very impressed with the collection and look forward seeing his work in seasons to come. 

Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days

Anna K, Krasilnikova, Lara Quint, Lera Leshchova, Paskal and Yasya Minochkina showcased their designs at the Freemasons Hall with Fashion Scouts 'Mercedes Benz Kiev Fashion Days'.  Whilst each collection was great in it's own way, there was nothing that made me turn my nose,I did have my favourites. Krasilnikova wowed the crowd with sheer knits, detailed laser cuts and lots of fur accents. I fell in love with a look which I photographed above, the red textured sleeve crop and knitted trouser combo - outfit heaven! Next up is Yasya Minochkina who clashed a sports luxe feel with a more masculine tailored side, with green being the main choice of colour paired with a more muted palette making the colour really stand out. The green lapel jacket was my favourite piece from the collection and I was happy to see that turtle necks are still holding strong!

Read a little more about each of the designers collections over at Fashion Scout

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