2True Glitterati Nail Varnish

2True - Superdrug

Glitter nail varnish probably takes up the majority of my nail varnish box, I can't enough of it despite it being way too difficult to remove! I tend to end up topping up with more glitter and then I get myself into even more of a mess trying to remove it - Note to self remove nail varnish more frequently.

Anyway I tried out this 2true glitterati glitter top coat just last week and was very impressed. To say that this product is only £1.99 it's no different to the usual glitter polishes I use from Barry M and Rimmel. I decided to just use the glitter alone rather than on another colour though I'm sure it will look great on top of another colour. The varnish dried relatively quickly, faster than Barry M for sure (I've always had issues with Barry M nail varnish drying time!). I wore the nail varnish for about a week and it didn't really chip until after washing the dishes a few times which I'd say I'm pretty please with. So for just £1.99 I'd say these polishes are  abargain and worth trying out.

You can find 2true at Superdrug.

Chelsea Jade


  1. Oh god, Barry M drying times are the bane of my life *weep* I've started not using them now because I'm impatient enough as it is. Anyway, gorgeous glitter polish and love the range of glitter sizes <3

    [ Lissy Morse Blog ]


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