Lovebox Fun

Crop - Monki
Shorts - Motel

Head chain - Little Teacup (£6.50)

The last two days have been incredible, I went to Lovebox with some friends. The weather was amazing, a little too hot on the first day as it was super sweaty (attractive I know). I got to see some great artists including Klang Karussel, Breach, Soul 2 Soul and Nas but my highlights have to be Annie Mac and M.I.A

Another highlight had to be the delicious Not Dogs stand, vegetarian hot dogs. They have some incredible dogs, so if you spot the stand at a festival or food market then go wild!

I opted for the Kickin Katie Nacho dog:

It was amazing, I would have tried a different kind the next day but there was one negative for me - no brown sauce! So if you are reading Not Dogs team a little bit of HP sauce would be an incredible replacement for us ketchup haters. But that's just me being picky.

 I would totally recommend Lovebox for next year if you like the lineup, a total festival vibe but without the unattractive camping side of things! 

Chelsea Jade


  1. I went on the Saturday and it was great! Very hot and sweaty so spent a lot of time searching for shade! The Not Dogs look yummy :) Did you visit the Rimmel makeover box? x

  2. looks like such a fun time, love the sunglasses. and those hot dogs are making me hungry.

  3. Wow, I really fancy a hot dog now, and I don't even usually like those! Love your head chain :)


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