Scarlett of Soho - Eyewear Review

Scarlett of Soho are a recently launched UK eyewear brand  that take inspiration from British eyewear craftsman back in the 18th century. One of the best things about this company is that they offer home try ons - which is where you can choose 4 glasses of your choice, strut around in them for 5 days whilst you get to know what works for your and your faceshape / style before you send them back. That way you haven't invested in a new pair of specs only to find that they don't suit you - a problem with shoppping online for glasses I find! 

Ive Sunglasses is Chesnut Horn
Ive Sunglasses in Jet Black
Wieden Sunglasses in Camouflage Green
Drummond Glasses in Ice Grey

The frames are lovely, the green and ice grey look great on but I love oversized glasses so there were a touch to small for my taste but they looked amazing on my housemate who has smaller features. My favourites were the Ive sunglasses as they were a little chunkier. If you are looking for some new specs or just fancy trying out some frames for your latest outfit check out the ones availabe as you can have them for 5 days.

The frames to try come in a little box with a prepaid returns label and stickers for sealing so there is no cost when trying them out.
Very handy!

These come in at £97 for a pair of frames, including lenses and delivery - plus all lenses have anti-reflective and anti-scratch coatings to make them last even longer. 

Now this post is a little different to how I had imagined, I had hoped to get some outfits together with the frames but the weather has been terrible lately so I didn't get time to snap these with outfits unfortunately. However I did enjoy improvising with my glittery background.

Let me know what you think of the glasses!

Chelsea Jade


Scarlett of Soho have changed their website and customer offerings, Take a look at the website to find out more about their new subscription service.


  1. I love the Drummond frames! xx

  2. They're all so pretty, I love the more traditional style of them xx

  3. I love these! The ice grey ones are beautfiul!


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