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Hello ladies!

Recently I have been seeing lots of pretty playsuits and two pieces on Instagram, we're all loving the warmer weather so getting all excited about summer clothes. There are a few websites online that are selling wholesale items from China for much for than they got them for, I am not complaining - how else are they going to make a profit? 

I just wanted to share with you the exact same playsuits and two pieces just on eBay! You could also probably find them on a Chinese wholesale website but all I had to do was search 'floral playsuit' and these are the first ones to pop up on eBay. The shops are selling these for about £35 and you can get them for about a tenner just missing out the middle man:

Keep in mind that these are from China, so it's best to read the description to check the sizing. They will take around 2-3 weeks to arrive but from what I have read this is a similar time to the delivery stated on the shops I have seen these products on.

I hope these saved you a little but of money!

Chelsea Jade


  1. Amazing ebay finds! Gona bear these in mind for festivals! xx


  2. nice :) happy monday :)


  3. This will save me a whole bag of money! Super usefull post, I actually never thought about just looking on ebay for jumpsuits.


  4. woo ive missed reading your blog. those two pieces are amazing; my procrastination may lead me to purchase one (or maybe three) of these beauties xxx

  5. OMG, I love those co-ords, thanks for thus huge bargain ! The link was blocked for my country but I've found it by using "floral playsuit", couldn't thank you enough ! :D



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