Grounded Cafe East London

I thought it might be nice to introduce a coffee shop that has opened recently near my house. It's called  'Grounded' and it is located right neat Aldgate East Station just near the bottom of Brick Lane. Which is perfect really if you're shopping on Brick Lane and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the main strip.

The decor is really cute and has an almost outdoorsy feel to it with the big doors open and the wooden tables. There are plenty of plug sockets around too plus wifi which means it would be a great place to sit and blog or get on with a little bit of uni work. I love the green theme and think it would be pretty relaxing to get some work done there, though I'm yet to venture there with my laptop.
I had this delicious chocolate cake when I first visited, it was very tasty, a little too rich for me but that depends on your view of chocolate cake. I washed it down with a delicious smoothie which was yummy but a little smaller than your average smoothie portion. My friend opted for a chai latte and was quite the fan, from what I've heard the coffee is delicious. I unfortunately don't like coffee, I apparently still have the palette of a 5 year old as my favourite is hot chocolate.

In an ideal world for me coffee shops should offer things like cookies and flapjacks - cakes and pastries are ever so popular but you can't beat a good flapjack!

Anyway I hope you Londoners have potentially found a new place to visit.

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Chelsea Jade


  1. Ooooh I used to work neat there, deffo going to have to check that out! xx


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