Bohemian Floral Two Piece

I recently acquired this rather delicious two piece from Luxemme and thought I'd do a few outfits with the pieces similar to a previous post of mine. I think wearing a co-ord is wonderful but you do in fact get 3 in 1 really as you have more outfits to create when mixing it with other pieces from your wardrobe.

There are lots more two pieces on the website that you can take a look at plus you get 10% off orders with discount code 'chelsea-jade'. One thing I love about the website is that it tells you how many are left if a product is starting to become low on stock. No more adding multiples of the same dress to your basic to see how many are left/when it might sell out! The struggles of online shopping. What do you think to this set?

Chelsea Jade


  1. That two piece really is just so cute! I absolutely love the pattern, it's gorgeous x

  2. What a stunning co-ord set, and I love your mixing and matching! :)

    Style Sunrise☀



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