Autumn Boots

As some of you will know already, I now work in a school (I'm doing my teacher training) which has left part of my wardrobe unwearable during the week. For two reasons, a) the clothes/shoes aren't suitable b) I don't want the kids to ruin any of my favourite pieces. So I have been slowly collecting dresses of a suitable length and next on my list is a small collection of durable comfy shoes!

With it coming up to winter I am looking for the perfect pair of boots and decided to have a look at the ladies boots at Jones footwear as I've not really ventured in to the shop all that much - which is why I love online shopping, you can visit all sorts of shops with just a click. The ones with the fluffy looking insides are Reiker boots and they look like they would be amazing for the winter months, especially when I am on break duty (Brrrr). 

Do you have a pair of boots you couldn't live without, if so ladies where are they from?

Chelsea Jade