Autumn Shopping

So I started putting together a small wishlist from a few stores online, then this happened. It appears that my shopping ban has led me to want every single thing possible. I have checked out some of the new in sections and come payday I may treat myself to the odd piece: 

Silver Shoes   //   Orange Skirt   //   Striped Turtleneck   //   Fluffy Scarf
Printed Dress   //   Boxy Shirt   //   Folk Dress   //   Green Overalls
Sequin Top   //   Black Shoes   //
   Stripe Trousers   //   Faux Fur Coat   //   Lips Bag

Now that winter is coming I have my eye on more colourful faux fur. I adore shopping for a winter wardrobe, though this wishlist is pretty much lacking in the knitwear front but I have way too many knits at the moment anyway. I think the Motel orange skirt is top on my list followed by the delicious green overalls.

What do you ladies have on your wishlist?

Chelsea Jade


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