A Barclay Bow Tie

Can I introduce you to Barclay Bow Ties which you can find on Etsy, this lovely bow tie is hand made by a friend of mine. There are several collections you can browse but this one comes from The Heritage Collection. I do love to go a little more masculine in the Autumn/Winter months and this is the perfect way to create a boy meets girl look with a bit of character. The Bow ties are made from 100% leather with some designs made from faux leather which is great for us veggie/vegans! Check out some of the current designs and those coming soon:

I am a believer of supporting independent brands as it can be very difficult to build a brand with how fast passed fashion is. Plus with an independent brand you know you are going to get something original! So if these bow ties are up your street you can show them some love on social media:

Let me know what you think :)

Chelsea Jade 


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  1. Aw you look so cute !




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