Ways to Wear - An Orange Tunic

Recently I invested in an orange tunic from Dorothy Perkins as it was on sale for £7 and I am loving orange at the moment. It is a basic piece which is perfect for styling different ways so I have put together a few 'Ways to Wear' 

Waistcoat   //   Tunic   //   Fedora   //   Boots

A little over the top with fringing, but if your are going to fringe why  not go all out. Paired with black pieces the colour will pop but you can also stick with the black accessories if that's your usual colour. 
Cloud Clutch   //   Blue Sunnies   //   Sandals   //   Socks

Probably my go to choice, clash some more colours with it. I chose a blue clutch and sunglasses to clash but then also some bright socks to wear with a pair of more subtle sandals. A sandal in a neutral tone, like these ones from Jones Bootmaker, are perfect to pair with lots of outfits but also for a socks and sandals colour clash.

necklace   //   trousers   //   shoes

Now a little more basic but this is necessary sometimes particularly with my wardrobe as I work in a school and my outfits need to be a little more appropriate. Paired with a pair of trousers, comfy shoes and statement necklace the tunic is perfect for work. 

Jacket   //   Necklace   //   Shoes   //   Skirt

And of course a tunic is perfect for tucking into a skirt to change the dress completely. I think the striped denim gives it a 70's twist but I've paired it with a leather jacket and chunky shoes as that is pretty much my uniform in spring.

How might you style this tunic?

Chelsea Jade