Ruff-ly how much do you like dogs?

Now a lot of you will know that I am a cat lover first and foremost, dogs are cool, the are pretty fun but I prefer cats. So why Chelsea, you may ask, is this post dog related?? Well to be honest, the internet goes crazy for cats, there are cat clothes everywhere (both for humans and felines alike) but I feel that dogs don't get as much love in term of clothing and accessories and I feel bad that cats are taking over. But dog lovers rejoice, for it is the year of the dog!!

So Chinese New Year is fast approaching, celebrations have already started. But the clothing, accessories and homeware are moving in fast. So I have put together a dog-lighful shopping guide for all you dog lovers. Enjoy


A collection of clothing with dog themed prints

1   //   2   //   3   //   4   //   5   //   6   //   7   //   8   //   9


A selection of dog accessories
White Socks   //   Tote   //   Grey Socks   //   Umbrella   //    Necklace 


A collection of dog themed homeware and stationary.
plates   //   mugs   //   cups   //   mug

pens   //   domino   //   trinket dish   //   money box   //   framed image

Chelsea Jade