Valentines - Love yourself

Chelsea Jade wearing oversized tassel earrings and a love slogan sweater.
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Valentines can be a time when people are made to feel bad about themselves of things in their lives. Some of your fave insta girls will be posting pictures of their beautiful flowers, presents and lovey dovey shots of their partner. There will be valentines meal photos. There will be a thousand retail promos thrown at your inbox and any social feed. Bloggers like myself will probably be posting valentines outfits, recipes or cute cards to make. It will be everywhere.

Chelsea Jade wearing oversized tassel earrings and a love slogan sweater.

Some people wont be bothered by this but different things affect different people. This could be a trigger for anxiety for some people, it could make someones depression worse or more simply, it could be a little burn for the couple that just broke up. I think, with our phones sugically attached us, we constantly have others lives to compare ourselves to and it isn't healthy. That bunch of flowers might have been bought days/weeks ago for the perfect instagram photo, the lovey dovey couple probably argue like most couples do. And that fancy meal probably cost more because it is a 'special' occasion.

So I think I wanted to use this post just to say you could take the time to spend some much needed care of you. Because you love you right? Go have a bath, jump into your PJ's as soon as your home from work or finish binge watching friends on Netflix. Because you can. Valentines is just another day. And for those of you with any anxiety about Valentines day approaching just remember IT'S PANCAKE DAY BEFORE!

Thinking of pancakes

Chelsea Jade


  1. I have to admit that I am way more excited about pancake day than valentines day haha :) xx


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