Beauty Haul - Fragrance Direct

Lottie nail varnish

I made an order of Fragrance direct about a month ago and thought I would share some of my thoughts. Firstly on the website, it is very easy to navigate the website whether it’s searching via product or brand there are tonnes of products at discounted prices. The main attraction for me on this occasion (I’ve made several orders before) was the NYX discounts, I really wanted to try some more of their products but I have to say with total honesty, when it comes to cosmetics, I am tight. I don’t know if I’ll every buy a luxury branded cosmetic, how can you spend so much and not know if you’ll get along with the product!?

NYX Hydra touch foundation

The NYX Hyrda touch foundation has absolutely incredible coverage and when I first put it on I sent photos to my mum and sister, like I'VE BEEN PHOTOSHOPPED IN REAL LIFE. But alas it did not last and kind of rubbed off in patches. I’ve tried it several times and this product is really not for me. Or my face, I should say because I have been using this product fairly regularly on my chest when I have worn something more low cut, just to blend into my face colour and even out my skin tone. So it has been mildly helpful but nothing revolutionary – particularly not for the face.

Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation

This Max Factor foundation is one of my all-time favourites, I’ve used it for years but the light shade that I use is actually only okay for my skin in the summer time which it’s a touch more tanned. I did however recently find that there is a shade (which may be new) which looked lighter so that will be next on my wish list. This foundation blends well, it doesn’t make me have dry patches and it doesn’t rub off in places. It is buildable and as an extra point, my mum adores this foundation.

NYX velvet matte and turn it up lipstick

NYX lipsticks are wonderful, I’ve used quite a few before and loved them. The velvet matte ones last so so long even when I was drinking I hardly had to reapply through the night. The turn up lipstick was just another addition to my basket as I wanted another red lipstick after liking the red lip colour in my valentines post.
I had a few other bits and bobs that I ordered like the Lottie nail varnishes and a few clay masks but these are pretty basic products that just do the job.

Have you ordered from Fragrance direct before? They have some right bargains, my mum even made an order recently after seeing my haul.

Chelsea Jade