Moc Croc Ankle Boots

Moc Croc boots, leopard coat and mom jeans

Moc Croc boots, leopard coat and mom jeans

One piece of shopping advice before I move onto the main moc croc delight that this post is about. Remember, remember, remember to shop in the men's section! They have some amazing pieces that might be overlooked if you shop exclusively women's clothing (quite a ridiculous concept but I wont digress). The reason I mention this here is that this leopard coat is from Topman, I bagged it in a sale a few months ago for about £20. Bargain. And an the icing on the cake is that mens pockets are deeeeeeeeep. And well, most men's bottoms have pockets. None of this fake pocket or tiny pocket that seems to just fit a coin in, wtf. 

Moc Croc boots, leopard coat and mom jeans

Now to move onto the beautiful boots. They were from ASOS but by Boohoo. I adore the flared heel but mainly the moc croc. Ever since I was a little girl I've been drawn to crocodile shoes and bags. I desperately wanted a pair of patent croc shoes for school when I was little. While these aren't exactly shiny patent they definitely tick my croc box.

I have wore these boots on quite a few occasions now and they are so comfy. The heel is small which makes them easy to wear for a whole day and the flared shape just adds a little extra detail to the shoe. 

After browsing online I think I can fulfil my childhood desire for patent croc with a beautiful bag:

Moc Croc

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