My Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is one of my all time favourite times of year. I adore the build up, the festivities, the fun knitwear, mulled wine and all the cheesy songs. I have so so much fun shopping for Christmas presents for my nearest and dearest. I often spend time making something for Christmas presents too (this often helps with my SAD) and this year I'm pretty impressed with what I have made - I'll share after the festivities so I don't give spoilers for my friends presents. 

My love of Christmas comes from my childhood and how magical my mum managed to make Christmas for us. We didn't have loads of money growing up,  Christmas wasn't extravagant - it was just my mum and sister and it was perfect. My mum really shares this love of buying Christmas presents, she still gives myself and my older sister a sack of presents. I know it's too much and I have tried many times over the years to explain that we are getting older and don't need this much at Christmas. But she just loves it and she can be quite stubborn. 

So every year, I write a Christmas list to Santa (or Mrs Santa as I often address it to). I think my mum appreciates still getting a Santa letter. Don't worry I'm not over the top with it and try to give ideas that are fairly inexpensive. This year I decided to make a list that would be sent to my mum, older sister and my boyfriends to try and prevent my mum from buying everything on the little list! I was putting the list together and thought I would share it with you too:

Christmas Wishlist
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One thing that I have noticed this year is that I am not asking for lots of clothes, I am being more sensible. More sustainable. It's something I've been working on over the last year, I have shopped in Topshop or Miss Guided for a year now. I have never purchased anything from Pretty Little Thing. It's been quite some time since I shopped Nasty Gal. I shop charity shops and vintage as I always have. I am more conscious of my choices of what to buy. And with the list above, I am really pleased with myself. I asked for just 1 item of clothing and 1 accessory. 

What's on your Christmas list this year? 

Chelsea Jade