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DIY Skirt

This Skirt only took me a few hours (probably less if you have a sewing machine)! It's pretty easy to make and I'm quite sure you can make it in other materials rather than the sheer fabric I have used.

I followed this tutorial:

A pair and a Spare

I love these shoes so much and they are surprisingly comfy!

You Need:
1) 2 metres of fabric
2)Elastic (2/3 cm thick)
3) An iron
4)A needle and thread

To do:

Lay Out the fabric, along the 2m length edge fold the fabric over by about 3 cm

Iron this fold to keep it in place and to keep it level

You now need to fold along the bottom on this fold, to create a tube for the elastic to go through.
 The elastic can now be threaded through the tube of fabric to create the gathered waist band, sew together the two elastic ends.

Then simply sew the fabric together and hem.

Underneath on these photos I have a H&M basic skirt but I do plan on attatching a black skirt myself :)

Follow the A Pair and a Spare tutorial here, and feel free to ask any questions.



  1. amazing job! - also ive been wanting those litas for aaages but theyre always out of stock online! :( xx

  2. now i am just dying to get some sheer fabric to make a skirt like this..:)

  3. I love this outfit :)
    If I had known about how simple it could be to make the skirt I wouldn't have bothered buying the one I have now.. mind you I feel a little inspired to make some in different colours now :)

    I am in love with those shoes by the way. They are absolutely gorgeous!

  4. wow! the shoes and the skirt are just amazing! <3

  5. Thats amazing. Im defo gonna try this. Topshop are selling pretty much identical ones at the moment!

  6. so great!! we would like to do it :)