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A Valentine's Day Scrooge

H&M Knit (Similar)   //   H&M Jacket (Pink fur coat)  //    Vintage Jeans   //   Dr Martens

I was talking to a hair dresser recently, you know, awkward chit chat style. She asked me what I'm doing for valentines day. Which at the time was about two weeks away. I personally do not like Valentines day and choose not to really celebrate. Internally, I weighed up admitting that I am a Valentine's scrooge or pretending that I would be having dinner - which wouldn't have been a total lie, I will be eating dinner on Valentine's day like any other. I felt like lying to conform was a bit stupid considering I am an adult and would inevitably have to grow this white lie when she asked for more detail like where we were going, do we have presents etc. So I told her that I don't celebrate Valentine's day and that generally don't like the concept.

I thought about this conversation afterwards because this girl was so excited about Valentine's day and I figure…

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