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Gangster Wraps - Support Small Businesses

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Details:Name: Gangster Wraps WhereWebsite + Etsy What: Beautiful patterned fabrics, statement earrings and hair accessories

I first came across Gangster Wraps on Instagram, I was browsing and finding lots of fabulous accounts to share on #BlackPoundDay when I saw some amazing earrings! I am a total sucker for a bold print so I started to browse the website straight away. 

I treated myself to a chunky pair of earrings in a pretty fabric with pink accents to match some of my fave pink lippies and eyeliners. The ones I've opted for are one of the bigger pairs I think so if you wanted a smaller hoop there are options for you too:

Heart Earrings   ///   Head Wrap and Earrings Set   ///   Headband

I think the matching combos with the earrings and the head wrap, they come in such pretty prints.  You should check them out on Instagram so you can have a look at some of the customer images and keep up to date with any sales/offers they might have on. 

The earrings …

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