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Winter Coat and a Boob Tee

It is well and truly the time for Autumn Winter clothing. I thought I still had a transition period to get some use out of my midi summer dresses with some layers but I was wrong. It calls for some serious layers at the moment. I haven't quite reached the need for gloves yet, which is a good thing because I actually need to invest in some.  I have no need to buy a new winter coat this season and if I do, I will need to donate some of my older ones for sure. I did my usual job of buying a winter coat in the summer sales. I know my style and I don't need a coat to be on trend. I need a couple of colourful pieces and then one statement basic which is what I am wearing here. This coat was from New Look in the sale back in July for £25. It's fairly similar to a thinner coat I already own but is thicker and may be a good replacement. It also has lilac running through which is a lovely little touch.

New Look Coat Darwin Designs Tee Vintage Mom Jeans Platform Vans

So this incredibl…

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