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Flower Print Addison Jeans - Lucy & Yak

Happy Monday all!
I hope you have been able to enjoy some of the sunshine during this heatwave we're having here in the UK. Remember to look after that skin while you are out and about.
During lock down I've avoided spending too much time browsing the shops online, I know if I get bored I'd end up browsing and probable buying sale stuff for no reason really. However I have gone up a dress size over the last 6 months or so and literally none of my bottoms fit me. The dress size part really doesn't matter to me but what I've been a little disappointed by is the carefully curated collection of vintage jeans and trousers that I have grown over the years no longer fit me. Like at all. Which means I did have to do a little shopping for bottoms that would fit. I did one small ASOS order and nabbed a couple of basics on eBay.
I then shopped Lucy & Yak, I'd been following them on Instagram for a while and read their story on the website. So I knew I agreed with the eth…

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