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Thrifted Leather Vest Layering Autumn Outfit 2
Can I take a moment to introduce you to one of my recent thrifted find, this amazing leather look vintage vest! It was just it was just £7.50 (including postage) from eBay and I'm in love. I'd previously browsed leather/PVC vests but not taken the plunge. I actually have Megan Ellaby to thank for this find, she recently posted an outfit layering video on Tiktok which included a vest. I started browsing eBay again and spotted this absolute gem. I would have totally missed it otherwise!


Best vintage find ever!✨

♬ original sound - meganellaby

Thrifted Leather Vest Layering Autumn Outfit 1Blouse - New Look (Last year)  //  Tee - Thrifted (eBay)  //  Vest - Thrifted (eBay)  //  Jeans - Lee - Thrifted (eBay)

This look is the first way that I've styled the vest since it arrived, I think it's clear with the layering here that Megan's video helped me out a fair bit! I love this outfit and could see me wearing something like this to work .But I'm also looking forward to trying this vest with some of my dresses and more feminine pieces for a contrast. 

There are quite a few places to shop for a vest, whether it's vintage, made of leather or not. I've picked a few below for you to browse:

Selection of 4 black waistcoatsPinstripe  //  Vintage Leather   //  70's Vintage  //   Black Tailored

Also this Etsy Vintage Shop seem to have quite a few in stock! 

Etsy Vest Shop

What do you think? Would you add a vest to your wardrobe if you don't have one already?

Chelsea Jade