Recent Outfit Details Jan - March 2022

I regularly share my outfits on Instagram but I do miss writing and giving my blog a little more attention. To be totally honest I don’t enjoy using Instagram that much (or maybe as much as I do). So I think I’ll using this space a little more regularly than I have been.

I thought it would share some of my outfit snippets from the last couple of months.

Green fur coat and a vintage green dress outfit

 Mixed prints outfit detail shot

 Ragged Priest Jeans
outfit getails collage

 As you can see I’ve been living in the green faux fur coat, it is so beautiful and keeps be really warm. It’s like walking around in a sleeping bag. I managed to find it in TK Maxx in the summer last year, it’s always a good idea to browse for discounts or in charity shops for winter coats in the warmer months as they tend to be cheaper at that time of year.

The Ragged Priest jeans have also been a go to for me recently. Just before Christmas I went to a sample sale for The Ragged Priest and managed to get myself a pair of checker board jeans and the metallic wave jeans. Then at Christmas I opened a present from my sister and it was the patchwork denim jeans. I love them all but I’m a bit overloaded with new denim right now. They will get a lot of wear out of them, they already have but I also need to make sure I don’t go crazy and buy any more second hand denim any time soon while browsing charity shops and vintage!

 Chelsea Jade