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Green was a colour for AW21 with Pantone's Green Bee capturing our attention. With being on lockdown and having time to appreciate nature a little more green seems like an obvious choice. From what I can see online, we're set to be looking at more olive tones of green but I have to say that I think the bright grass like green will be around for a little longer, we haven't exactly had time to appreciate fashion trends really. I mean I haven't, while I still read articles, magazines and follow lots of amazing people serving looks on Instagram I haven't been as interested in upcoming trends. I think now that we have some idea of what out summer might look like, we are thinking more about what we might want to wear on some of our first outings with friends etc. I for one am looking forward to a little charity shop browse when they open, green is most certainly on my list of things to look out for!

In the mean time, I've taken to a variety of shops online, Etsy, Pinterest, Instagram and beyond to search for some green inspiration for this summer.

Green Outfits - Instagram 2

Green Aesthetic Wishlist
Wrap Dress   //   Wave Jeans   //   Earrings   //   Maxi Dress   //    Bag   //   Blazer   //   Leggings

There are some beautiful green pieces on the high-street (which we can finally soon go to IRL) and on Etsy! I love love love the cute crochet bag! The green maxi dress is an absolute dream but out of my reach price wise so I'm hoping for a charity shop find. I'm thinking a basic white dress which I could dye if I'm feeling like a DIY.  The absolutely beautiful wave jeans from Ragged Priest are amazing and I snapped up a pair as soon saw them online - you may have seen me wearing them on Instagram.

Green Outfits - Instagram 1

Pinterest Green Looks

Green is always a colour that I go to in my wardrobe, I have green coats, jumpers, bags and all sorts, it is one of my favourite colours. So I for one am very happy to have green trending lately. 

Are you a fan of green? And has my inspo swayed you if you weren't feeling it before? 

Chelsea Jade


  1. Yes, your inspo did sway me, but I already loved the idea of styling outfit pieces that include various shades of green to complement various shades of pink (my favourite colour) in OOTDs!!! I especially love wearing green outfit pieces on Saint Patrick's Day (surprise).
    You included photos of some very stylish and attractive fashion looks in the photos above! :-)

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