A little life update

Glaad Unity Vest and a Leather Look Skirt 2

Hello everyone :) 

I've been quite MIA lately, both on this blog and my social channels. I've had an awful lot going on in my life involving lots of life admin which has totally taken over my spare time.

This summer I moved from Hertford back to London! I am so excited to be back in the city, Hertford was way too quiet for the type of person that I am. I needed activities to do and time to see my friends. I didn't like travelling so far on the train into London to see people and go for days out. Zhi and I have moved to Walthamstow 💛

I have to say it was really strange moving out of the house in Hertford as it was the first place we lived just the two of us rather then with friends. So it was a special house despite me not loving the area. We've moved from a house for the two of us to a flat in London. There is very little storage space in the new place and the kitchen is tiny, standard London. I don't mind the smaller space of course, we chose it, but it had posed a few difficulties with the moved. We had too much stuff, we accumulated loads of stuff that filled the storage in the old house and now we have none. 

I had no wardrobes when we moved into this new place, which is of course a big deal to me haha. I did a great job of sorting things to donate and sell before the move but I have a way to go still. I adore my clothes and have difficulty parting with things. But basically for the last month I've had clothes in boxes and suitcases, I've been wearing the same few outfits on repeat so I've not had much worth sharing with you all to be honest!

I'm excited to get back to a little normality after moving, cleaning and organising!

Glaad Unity Vest, Gingham Blazer and a Leather Look Skirt

Back in May when rules changed and we could finally mix indoors, I got to see my mum and family in Nottingham! It had been 6 months since I'd seen my mum in real life, such a long time. We'd missed Christmas together so when I got back she'd put up the tree, in May! She'd actually cling filmed the tree and popped it in the loft so that she could easily get it back down whenever my next trip back would be. So funny. We also finally swapped Christmas presents and this cute little gingham blazer from Nobody's Child was one of my gifts from my mum. Isn't it cute!? The perfect lightweight jacket for the summer.

The Unity vest was another gift from my mum and it's from the Glaad x ASOS collaboration that they do together. I thought this was really sweet as she probably had it in mind for me after reading my post from last year about exploring my sexuality. What a cutie.

Glaad Unity Vest and a Leather Look Skirt 3

I'm going to leave you here now and I will be back with some more content for you very soon!

Chelsea Jade x