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My Month In Nails

I'm not really one to post about beauty (apart from my 'welcome to my make up bag' post) but I've recently started being a little more experimental with my nails (mostly from boredom of unemployment during the summer holidays haha)

Barry M - Dusky Mauve,  Berry Ice Cream

Rimmel London - Silver,  Opal- Black

The colours here where pinched from my mums collection of Opal nail varnish so I'm not sure what the colour are.

What do you think.?
And do any of you have photos of your nail art... link your blogs below and I will take a look :)



  1. These are awesome! Love the second picture.. proper rock n roll especially paired with the ring!!


  2. Love them! x

  3. I love the designs :) how did you get the edges of the zig zags so straight? I like to use the models own nail art pen, it's really good for doing designs like leopard print and thin stripes x

  4. your nails look so good!
    i am hopeless at nail art. the only thing i can do is the crackle polish and i even mess that up some times haha xx

  5. Wow they're really good! Do you do them with the normal brish or a nail art pen?