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Lazy Oaf and Beyond Retro

Coat - Topshop
Tee - Lazy Oaf
Trousers - Beyond Retro
Shoes - ASOS 

Hello beautiful new trousers! I got these babies from my boyfriend in the Beyond Retro sale which I mentioned in a recent post. They are super comfy, I feel like I am wearing pyjamas outdoors which is the dream really (sometimes). The belt cinches in the waist without being uncomfortable and that loose fabric gives enough room to tuck something in. I opted to tuck in one of my fave Lazy Oaf tshirts to clash the prints a little and brighten up the dark trousers. 

On a side note, I am getting pretty annoyed at how dull my hair is at the moment. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, no lilac hair suggestions though (as much as I would love to be a mermaid) I do work in a job which requires no crazy colours. Any London salon recommendations would also be greatly appreciated, my last place did not wow me.

Chelsea Jade


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  1. Super cute Chelsea, I'm loving that t shirt x