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Full on Floral and a Fluffy Lapel

Fluffy Stole - Select (£3.99)
Jacket - H&M
Jumpsuit - Motel (£19)
Boots - New Look
Rucksack - Claires (similar on ebay)
I'm very happy with two of my latest sale purchases!! My unitard jumpsuit was just £19 in the Motel sale, I have wanted it for such a long time and when it was reduced in the sale I couldn't resist. The fabric is much thicker than I thought so it is very supportive and sucks you right in. 

This incredible fluffy stole is from Select, it was reduced to £4.99. I actually got two other colours (see on Instagram) as they were reduced to £3.99 each and I couldn't resist. Plus I am set for winter now, no new coats needed these can just spruce up some of the coats I own already! There aren't any left online but I bet if you check out your nearest store you can find a few of them, there were plenty left in the store in the Stratford, Westfield this weekend. 

Chelsea Jade


  1. Such a stunner Chelsea, you look amazing girl x

  2. I think this is my favourite outfit on you ever!

  3. you are such a babe! love love love this outfit x

  4. Only you can rock this type of outfit ! I like it so much !


  5. The fur is soooo fantastic, can't believe how cheap you got it for!

    B xx

  6. Oh gosh, I love this whole outfit on you!

  7. I've wanted this jumpsuit for ages! Happy it's in the sale, hope there's some left on payday! Love how you've styled it so it's more Autumn friendly!

    Zandra // AZTEC DOLL Fashion & Beauty Blog

  8. Great look:) xx
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