Full on Floral and a Fluffy Lapel

Fluffy Stole - Select (£3.99)
Jacket - H&M
Jumpsuit - Motel (£19)
Boots - New Look
Rucksack - Claires (similar on ebay)
I'm very happy with two of my latest sale purchases!! My unitard jumpsuit was just £19 in the Motel sale, I have wanted it for such a long time and when it was reduced in the sale I couldn't resist. The fabric is much thicker than I thought so it is very supportive and sucks you right in. 

This incredible fluffy stole is from Select, it was reduced to £4.99. I actually got two other colours (see on Instagram) as they were reduced to £3.99 each and I couldn't resist. Plus I am set for winter now, no new coats needed these can just spruce up some of the coats I own already! There aren't any left online but I bet if you check out your nearest store you can find a few of them, there were plenty left in the store in the Stratford, Westfield this weekend. 

Chelsea Jade


  1. Such a stunner Chelsea, you look amazing girl x


  2. I think this is my favourite outfit on you ever!

  3. Only you can rock this type of outfit ! I like it so much !


  4. The fur is soooo fantastic, can't believe how cheap you got it for!


    B xx


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