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Bodycon Dress from out-out to just out

Chelsea jade loves - Bodycon dress with a Lazy Oaf crop top
Top - Lazy Oaf
Earrings - Depop
Dress - Oh My Love
Boots - Office
Chelsea jade loves - tassel earrings

I don't get much wear out of my bodycon numbers, I tend to feel a bit too dressed up for the day time. It also seems I've hit the age where I'm not going to clubs and can you really wear a strappy bodycon dress to the local pub? Possibly. Anyway I had a date with the boyf recently, we went to Ottolenghi which is a little more fancy than our average dinner dates so I decided to whip out a dress. As it was a lunch date I paired the dress with a baggy crop and gave it a new lease of life. Maybe now I can wear some of my out-out dress just out. 

These photos were taken not too far from Spitafields Market. I love that in the busiest of areas in London you can still stumble across these tiny cobbled roads with the cutest buildings before wandering back into the masses. 

Chelsea Jade

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