Getting better - 5 items I am wearing today

5 items I am wearing today :)

I love love love this blouse from Topshop, and got it for a bargain £13.50 in the sale + student discount!! Its very much my style and i love items like this that I can leave plain and simple like today or add more accessories to dress it up for a night out. This is just a very versatile blouse!

This is such a cute bag and I'm pretty sure this could be found on the high street for about £15 -20 possibly more if it was real leather. But I got this from a charity shop for £3! There is a cancer research shop close to the bus stop I get off at in the city centre so i always check it out for new bags and I found this one a couple of weeks back! :)

This ring is so lovely,  i like the detail of this item and think it adds a little bit of an edge. I'm not too girly so when i wear a dress or a blouse that i feel a little odd in i like to add certain jewellery or my leather jacket/boots.

And on the topic of my illness, you will notice in the photos I'm still hiding my face so yes I'm still swollen but getting better! :)


Jeans : Miss Selfridge
Blouse: Topshop
Bag: Charity shop
Ring: Dorothy Perkins
Boots : Primark


  1. Super cute ring!!

    Be better soon :)


  2. seems like we have more or less the same taste.. good luck with your blog! and take a look at mine if you want!

  3. lovely shirt

  4. Thankyou for visiting my blog!! :) I'll check yours out now x


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