New Cardigan

Hello everybody!
First of all I would like to say sorry for the lack of posts recently!I've been very busy with my sister graduation and my gran visiting. I may actually do a post on the Graduation and you can see some of my family, slightly off topic but there are some lovely photos of my sister :)
I wanted to post these photos as I've wanted this cardigan for a while from Primark, I went in the other day and it was reduced from £14 to £5 so I purchased it in both colours (the other being a mustard colour). So if you like it I would suggest checking  Primark out soon as there were not many sizes left in the Nottingham store. I'm looking pretty tired/mardy in these photos, maybe I should smile some more.

And finally I wanted to ask my lovley followers a question about what you would like to see me posting on my blog? I have been slacking a little bit recently. I enjoy the style find posts (collages of products and the links I sometimes make) e.g) Colour blocking, outfit posts and wish lists but I imagine that can get a little boring to read, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


  1. I like the sounds of the types of posts you mentioned. Sometimes just blogging about all the the new buys you have can be enough, because I usually find that there's a story behind most of my new buys. Like, how I came across it, or I'd been after it for ages and then found one tucked away at the back of a shop or stuff like that. Those kind of things are cool to read. I also love outfit posts because I love looking at what other people wear :)

  2. Very nice cardigan, its a good length.
    How emotional are graduations?! Mine was the other day and it was so sad but happy all at the same time!

    Rianna xxxx

  3. thankyou all for the lovely comments, I'm currently in Durham so I will get back to you all soon when I have the internet :) xx


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