Leopard and Floral

Hello you Beauties! :)
Today I went to the Cinema with Zee to watch Crazy, Stupid Love, it was very good. A nice mix of comedy and romance without being too cheesy as alot of films can be. It was slightly different to what I had expected after seeing the trailer but it's a good idea to check it out if you were thinking about it.

Coat - New Look
Dress - Topshop
Skirt - New Look
Belt - Primark

Wedges - Ebay

This outfit is an example of mixing layer to get a new look, this top is actually a dress which I've popped my black skirt over. I think the full print with the leopard coat may have been a bit much- even for me. So pairing the dress with the black skirt made it a bit more neutral and more of a day time look for me. 

My adopted cat, I've named him Albus (In loving memory of Albus Dumbledore of course)

What are your plans for the weekend my lovelies?
I'm going to a Monkey Reserve (another birthday present from Zee)... so excited!



  1. you look gorgeous! I love ur headband

  2. love this outfit- so cute!

    xo Camilla

  3. Such a nice outfit! I love that dress as a top. And goodness, your legs are so long. Beautiful!

  4. love the skirt and your cat is so cute =) xx

  5. omigosh that cat is so adorable!!! altho it it reminds me more of Professor McGonagall than Albus... hehe... cute cute.. and i love your top



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