A little DIY

Good evening!
After sorting out my wardrobe and getting rid of 30-40 items as it was full of things that I thought 'maybe I will wear that next summer' I decided to take a few pieces and change them with a simple bit of DIY. The others went to charity or up on ebay. So here are a few things that I did today :

I took a simply £5 Primark dress

Albus clearly didn't want me to cut this up, but the first thing I did was cut below the elastic.

So I was left with the bralet style top and a piece of fabric which was turned inside out

Next I placed the elastic along the (top)edge to get an idea of how much to fold over

After folding over Pin in place, leaving enough space for the elastic. Sew the fold along the edge that I'm holding here, leaving a gap of about an inch for you to thread your elastic through, sew together the ends of elastic once threaded, stitch up the gap and voila you have a skirt.

And there you go  (ignore my garden + Socks)
I like this as its very easy and means I can have even more bralets for cheap. Its great if you like the print on something but feel its too much of a whole dress.

The next thing I  did was change some shirts by simply cutting off the sleeves

I think  I was inspired by Goks DIY on his fashion fix, I cant wait to try out the glitter heels... did and of you see it?



  1. oh my gosh, I love how you turned that into a bralet. BRILLIANT. so going to have to try.


  2. Really like the bralet and the shirts! OMG Gok, he is amazing! Loved the glitter heel thing, it's a shame I don't usually like glittery shoes. Might try it with lace or something though...
    I LOVE his big knickers belt, I thought that was amazing haha

  3. Oh this DIY is so cute! really love the result! looks lovely on you ;) x

  4. VerY cool ideas! Love the dress made into top and skirt!

  5. amazing d.i.y.s!!! loving it xxx



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