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I'm currently watching the New Goks Fashion Fix, I need to try out his DIY Glitter heel shoe, cant wait to do it. 

This the simple little outfit that I wore today :

little action shot - taking of the jacket haa

American Apparel Boobtube rolled down into a skirt

Claw earrings - Matalan
I felt slightly uncomfortable in this outfit today for some reason, I'm not entirely sure why. I just felt like it just wasn't really me. I think because it was hot I felt odd when I took off the jacket because that what was tying in the black boots. Ah well.

I made a trip to Primark today and fell in love with some boots, I'm now wishing I had purchased some now!! Although that would not have been a great idea to say I'm now in my overdraft!! But anyway you might have seen them already :

Excuse my boyfriends thumb poking in the photo
What do you guys think, after seeing my style... I'm wondering if you can help me decide whether to purchase these for a mere £18?



  1. looooove this outfit! probably mainly because i spy american apparel :P haha, mutual love for that shop i see :D haha, i'd love to see how you style your riding pants? :) i wanna get the disco pants too! :D anyway, i love this outdfit, maybe it felt odd because it was sunny and you wore a jacket haha? :P i love it though, you look really chic and cool. i have your dress thing in blue but i'm so tall that it's so short on me! i might try and wear it as a skirt though, so i can pull it down a bit :L damned tallness :P thanks for yur lovely comment, i love your blog - following!:)xxx

  2. Love this outfit! I love the fact you've rolled down a boobtube into a skirt, it looks awesome, the pattern is lovely! And I love your boots too! :) I think you should go for the red boots, they'd really suit you and your style, and they're a bargain! ;)

    Kirsti xx

  3. Nice outfit. Love what you did with the boobtube, would never have guessed it wasn't meant to be a skirt! x

  4. Lovely outfit - your waist is minuscule! The boots are hot, I'd go for them!

  5. oh my gosh these are amazing! I think you should totally get them:) you're style is adorable. I'm your newest follower!

  6. Great jacket, the waist is perfect!


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