Floral platforms

Primark smock dress, faux leather jacket and floral platforms
Jacket - Miss Selfridge, Dress - Primark, Flatforms - ASOS
Primark smock dress, faux leather jacket and floral platforms
For all you cat lovers out there this is my baby, Albus.

How're you wonderful people?
I'm still revising currently, I cannot wait to get this over with! I have however in my spare time been having a wander in town to snap some of you Nottingham girlies for the May street style feature!
Also you may have noticed that I live in this jacket! I purchased it a few years back from Miss Selfridge and they actually have an almost identical version in at the moment which you can find here. I would recommend it, mines lasted 3 years or more now!
These ASOS flatforms appear to have sold out online now but they have some amazing pairs in at the moment, here are a few of my favourites:

Aztec, Velvet, White, White High, Floral, Sandal

Chelsea Jade


  1. This is definitely one of my favourite outfits of yours! Love it all xo

  2. Love the flatforms, so painful to walk in though! Your cat is a spitting image of mine, he's adorable!

  3. You look beautiful! I adoreee your platforms!
    xoxo, Laura

  4. Love the fitting of the dress! Looks like it fits much better then the topshop one!
    Omg that cat is gorgeous!!!


  5. Lovely outfit, those shoes are a dream! x

  6. gorgeous outfit, so cute!!! love the shoes<3

  7. those shoes. those SHOES! I need!

  8. You look beautiful, and I must say you really work the flatforms, I need to get myself a pair for summer! x x

  9. Gorgeous shoes!

  10. love the shoes and all the other platforms! your cat is sooo cute! x

  11. As i was scrolling down the page, when i saw the floral shoes i was like OOOOOHHHH.... great choice! It really maskes the difference.


  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE SHOES! it is much more vibrant in comparison to other floral shoes i have seen. and your cat is so adorable! <3 xx

  13. I love your outfit!
    Do you mind if I use one of your photos in my next post? I want to show how flatforms can look really good!
    If you comment back on my blog cause I won't get notified if you comment on here.
    Georgia x


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