Blogger Summer Picks - Crop Tops

This is the lovely Kirsti and heres her summer pick:Kirsti - Silent Sweetheart

Which item of clothing do you think is key for this summer and why? 
One item of clothing which I think is key this summer is the crop top. They are absolutely everywhere in high-street stores right now in all colours and patterns and are selling so fast! I have bought a couple myself and they are just a fun item of clothing to wear. You can pretty much wear them with anything whether it be high-waisted shorts or a skirt or even a pair of low rise jeans, it all depends on what you feel comfortable in. You can also layer a crop top by wearing a top or blouse underneath or a blazer or jacket on top.
How would you style this piece? 
For me, I would always wear this item with something high-waisted, like a pair of shorts or a skirt, as I am not too keen on my belly being on show, but that is just a personal preference. When I wore my crop top the other day I wore it with my high-waist denim shorts, a think belt and my sandals, however I have also worn it with my grey maxi skirt. I just think they are so versatile, a must have for this summer!

Be brave like Kirsti this summer and try out a crop!

Check out Kirsti's blog here.

Chelsea Jade


  1. OMG! I am so in to bandeau tops this summer

    You look great by the way

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    <3 Una

  2. love kirsti's blog, her style is amazing! x

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