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Leigh - Fox and Feather

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Which item of clothing do you think is key for this summer and why?
This summer's key item for me has to be the flatform wedge, particularly this gorgeous stroppy pair from Urban Outfitters. To me they are the summertime alternative to one of my favourites - the creeper. Flatforms have the the ability to elongate and make your legs look slimmer without the potential disaster of falling flat on your face like someone as ungraceful and clumsy as me always struggles with when wearing heels. 

How would you style this piece?
I plan on seeing the summer through wearing cropped tops matched with midi and maxi skirts so I would team these beautiful platforms with those, or they could even dress up a pair of high waisted skinnies on a chillier day. They're so versatile and can be worn through the day to a BBQ or party in the evening. 

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Leigh: I'm also crazy about anything tie-dye this summer! There's no need to pay over the odds for a tie-dye piece from the high-street when it's so easy to D.I.Y. it. I know I'm going to be tie-dying anything and everything I own just to spruce it up a little.

Check out some of the pieces Leigh has Tie Dyed herself:

There are plenty of videos on youtube showing you how do tie dye at home :

Tie Dye
Spiral Design

Check out Leigh's blog here.

Chelsea Jade


  1. I'm dying for a pair of flatforms, the simple black pair from UO are gorgeous! XO.

  2. bloody love Leigh. she's such a babe.

  3. I love flatforms! Your'e so pretty!

    Emma x

  4. I really want some black flatforms. great post
    I'm following you now xx

  5. I love the idea of flatforms but I always feel weird walking in them xx

  6. I love all of these flatforms!


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