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Hey you beautiful ladies,
Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend an event at Lush Nottingham with some other lovely bloggers, to take a look at the new make-up range - emotional brilliance!

There are 30 amazing colours in the emotional brilliance range, so there is a colour for everyone. The colours include eyeliner, eyeshadow and liquid lipstick, yes thats right ladies liquid lipstick (the patent is currently pending for this product). However if you find a product which is an eyeshadow but you would prefer to use it as a lipstick or eyeliner and vice versa you can ask for a different wand. Which is what I did with the gorgeous colour motivation which I wore in a previous post.

When you are in store you will recieve your own reading which involves closing your eyes clearing your mind and picking three colours which stand out to you.

The fabulous Aida did my reading and these are the three colours I picked.
The first colour is meant to represent a strength or weakness, mine was feeling secure. The second colour is your subconscious speaking, my colour was ambition and finally the third colour is your aspiration, something you already do well and will help to achieve what your subconscious desires. My third colour was decisive, which is something I would need to achieve my ambition which I'd chosen for my second colour! We then got to try out the colours we had chosen, it was fabulous trying them out. I am very impressed with the liquid lipstick, you only need one dip of the applicator and the pigment is so strong its amazing!

This range is now in store so go in and get your reading done!

Here's a shot of me with some of the lovely bloggers that attended, this is my first event so it was fabulous to meet some bloggers finally!

How adorable are these bottles, they feel very Alice in Wonderland to me, especially with all the amazing colours!

In addition to this range there is Desert Island range which includes bronzer, highlighter, mascara and translucent powder. I really want to try out the highlighter around my eyes!

I purchased the blue motivation colour which I adore with but I am also in love with Wise a khaki green colour:

It will be perfect for the A/W military trend!

All items are vegan and contain only one preservative!

I'd love to hear what you think of this range and if you get a reading done how did it go?

Chelsea Jade


  1. This looks so fun! Very mystical. And it's great you can have the colour in either a lipstick, eye shadow or eyeliner! x

  2. Wow, sounds like a great idea. I LOVE the khaki green lipstick. Never seen anything like it before, but it really suits you !! Going to have to check this out..



  3. Great post, it was lovely meeting you!

  4. wow, that sounds seriously fun! :D

  5. That looks so fun! I love all the colours,I seriously need to check them out!<3

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  7. That looks like so much fun!
    Looks cute xx

  8. love the khaki colour, looks like a fun day out!
    I am in love with your blog and am definitely now a follower!

  9. It was lovely meeting you last night, you have an amazing blog!
    Freya and Sophie xx

  10. the green looks so awesome on you, there are so many colours I want now! it was lovely seeing you the other day xx

  11. great post! it was fab meeting you :)

  12. ohh yummyy! looks like a lovely day :D


    J x


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