Ways to Wear - An oversized shirt

Hey guys, I was recently contacted by a brand called Glamorous, which I'm sure you have all heard about with it being stocked in stores such as Ark and Topshop as well as the recent surge of the brand being featured on bloggers! At this point if you still do know who Glamorous are then click here!

I have been a fan of Glamorous for a while now picking up the odd piece on the high street, though I have never purchased from their website but that may be due to me being set in my ways with ASOS and eBay! I almost squealed when I received an e-mail whilst out for lunch with Zee. I wish I had been with one of my girls as Zee clearly didn't know the brand and just humoured me. Any way I ended up picking this gorgeous oversized shirt, which after receiving it is even more beautiful than I had thought!

I've been meaning to do a 'Ways to Wear' post for a while now after my previous one and so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity! So below I have photographed a number of ways to wear a shirt:

Toughen it up
ways to wear how to wear and oversized shirt

When styling a shirt the first thing I reach for is a piece of pleather as it's much more me. It helps toughen up what may usually be quite feminine with the sheer fabric. Tucking in or tying up the shirt creates different possibilities even if your not sporting pleather!

Change up your tuck!

ways to wear how to wear and oversized shirt

Simply changing how you would tuck your shirt into your bottom item can create a whole new feel! I'm a big fan of the half tuck however this oversized shirt is also perfect for tucking in the front and leaving out the back. It makes it look more casual but also works wonders for those super tight items which leave you concious of a possible VPL!

Add some knitwear
ways to wear how to wear and oversized shirt knitwear

Luckily this shirt is long enough to wear as a dress, with shorts underneath..I'm sure you do not all want to be walking around with your bums out! Adding a jumper is perfect for a shirt, the collar poking out adds something a little more interesting to a usually slightly plain jumper. An oversized knitted cardigan would also work perfectly with a shirt.

Mix your Prints
ways to wear how to wear and oversized shirt prints

I think shirts are the perfect piece to mix prints, they come in many patterns and colours meaning there is a variety of colours to clash with your more neutral printed shorts and skirts! I adore the clashing stripes outfit, sadly the skirt is my big sisters, I may have to invest!

Bare Your Midrif

 ways to wear how to wear and oversized shirt midriff

Wearing your shirt open over your bare midrif stops prying eyes viewing your stomach from a side view, leaving a head on veiw perfect for creating an illusion of a flat stomache because really we cant all have a washboard!

Be Smart
ways to wear how to wear and oversized shirt smart

This is a simple one, add some trousers a blazer and some cute jewellery and you have a simple yet chic smart-casual look.

So if you love this shirt as much as I do go check out Glamorous :)

You can also check out how the gorgeous Kate from This Is What I Do styles this shirt here. I hope you have liked this post, I was thinking about making this a monthly feature on here. What do you guys think? If you think I should I'd love to hear which pieces you would like to see me style!

Chelsea Jade


  1. love how you've styled the shirt! xx

  2. Love the shirt with the your cheetah print shorts and beanie!


  3. Love love love this post, you should definitely make it a feature - you have so many lovely styling ideas!

  4. This has to be the most multi-functional shirt ever! Literally love each outfit more than next xx

  5. This blouse is amazing, such a great post.. loving it worn as a dress over shorts and the mixded print outfits are amazing.

    Jo. x

  6. absolutely love this post! so many amazing look, so inspiring :-)! x

  7. WHOA, this post is amazingly inspirational and helpful! :D loving all the styles! xx


  8. Very versatile! I love the last one the most but they're all pretty stunning ^_^

  9. Okay so basically everytime i wear an oversized shirt i will look at this post.
    They are some really cool ways to wear one, i would've never thought of half of these!
    You should do more of these posts.


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