Fluffy Crop and an Inflatable Backpack

Jacket - Miss Selfridge, Cropped Jumper - Miss Selfridge, Riding Pants - American Apparel, Boots - H&M

A wee outfit post for you guys, I wore this on Monday but was unable to get photos due to awful weather! I'm wearing one of my new pieces from Miss Selfridge, I love this top. As for my amazing inflatable back pack, its from eBay, I remember having one when I was about 7 so I had to get one again. It fits a surprising amount of things in too, so I was able to use it for my uni stuff.

The video below shows a little more detail of this outfit if you wanted to take a wee look: 

I know I talk about Motel an awful lot but there is a sale on at the moment, you should check it out here.
Let me know if you get any goodies, I'm trying to resist.

Chelsea Jade


  1. I remember these backpacks! I want another!

  2. You look amazing.Loving the jumper and backpack ;)


  3. ahh i saw this jumper in miss selfridge, it looks soo much better on! love this whole outfit :) xx

  4. can't believe the backpack is still sold out in clear - looks so cute on you! xxxx

  5. I have seriously being eyeing up that crop top.. :) xx


  6. Love the riding pants, makes a change from the usual disco pants ha. Also saw you in town, felt a bit starstruck haha!x

  7. Oh man I totally remember rocking a blue inflatable backpack! Gotta love the 90s! x x

  8. Rad backpack, I also remember having one of these when I was about 7/8! Who knew they'd look so great again x

  9. http://whatsuphoneybunch.blogspot.co.uk/ I got a backpack and blogged about it, Inspired :D x


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