Nottingham Street Style - October

This months Nottingham Style feature is slightly different, I attended the Nottingham Vintage Fair recently and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to snap some of the people there:





It was an amazing fair, it had a wide variety of goodies to browse through! It was great to see some affordable prices too, there were a few £5 rails dotted about, I resisted though and stuck to the photos instead (Very proud of myself). There were lots of people I wanted to snap but it was a hugely popular event which meant there was little space to get full length shots so there are less than usual, but how cool are the couple photographed above!

If you love vintage fairs you should check out the website for the group that organised this event as they are not just in Nottingham. The upcoming events are going to be taking place in the following places in the UK:

 - Hull - Southampton - Brighton - Manchester - Stoke London -Leicester - Manchester - Birmingham - York -

Find more information here.

Chelsea Jade


  1. It looks so good, I always seem to be busy whenever there's a vintage fair that I can actually go to! x

  2. These are lovely! I love your street style edits! We have vintage fairs nearby and its the best place to find style x x x

  3. Amazing post dear, so inspiring!
    Gorgeous blog! Following you on Bloglovin! Hope you'll follow me back! <3


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